Warm connections on a drizzly, rainy day!

TAPRoots Group Meeting Notes

February 27, 2019


Members: Rachel, Krystal and Nate

Leaders: Laura, Jen, and Rieppe!!!

Location: Holly Springs Food Cupboard in the carport. Cold, wet and rainy, which is pretty mean after our beautiful fake spring.


1. Watched Selma Blair interview with MS and speech dysfunction. Today, we spent a good amount LISTENING to this interview with Selma Blair. She says, "I didn't want to do this interview" but her neurologist pushed her because it brings awareness to the issue. She is having a bad MS flare-up with spasmodic dysphonia, but she is FUNNY. She is SMART. She has something of VALUE to contribute to the conversation. We watched in amazement, and then we got to work. Thank you, Selma Blair, for showing us how to persevere with grace.

2. Talked about research ideas for dealing with fatigue. We might have some interesting ideas to deal with fatigue. Rieppe and Rachel to send contact info to neurologists.

3. AND FINALLY…back to gardening! We planted squash, zucchini, and cilantro.

Next meeting: March 6, at Holly Springs Food Cupboard. Dividing irises and day lilies to be divided and potted for the plant sale, and possibly dividing the thyme that’s growing like mad.