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Members: Rachel, Krystal and Mary

Leaders: Laura, Jen

Location: Holly Springs Food Cupboard, INSIDE! BRRRR!!!!


1. Discusses and handed out review sheets.

2. Planting Seeds

Red cabbage, purple basil, green dill and marigolds (color unknown)

3. Clean Seeds

We took dried flower heads and separated seed from chaff.

4. Great talks!

Krystal attempted to tell an idea then tried to brush it aside when she couldn’t get it out. With encouragement, she was able to tell us that she noted the marigold seeds we were cleaning were the same type of seeds we had used in paper making earlier this fall, back in September. Rachel also used her bag of tricks to share several thoughts and ideas. Laura and I were thrilled with everyone’s contributions to the conversation. We also talked about how background noise can affect our communication skills and what we’re doing to strengthen ourselves against them. GREAT JOB! Keep chatting!

Next meeting: February 6, at Holly Springs Food Cupboard. We will start succulent garden seedlings.

Stay warm, everyone! We’ll be back to our regular NC winter temps soon!

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