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Holiday Goodness!

Present: Krystal, Nate, Rebecca, Laura. Jerry, Jen

We had coffee and cookies to start and began the meeting by chatting. Maura came by and spread cheer by passing out presents. It was nice to see her.

Jen brought her Christmas card creations and we signed them and stuffed them into envelopes. We looked up the addresses for the list we had compiled. We then addressed and stamped them.

We wrote a special note to Rebecca Wellon’s graduate school advisor. Krystal exercised her reading and communication skills by reading the message aloud. Rebecca has been volunteering with us this semester. She’s a student from UNC-Chapel Hill in Speech Pathology. She’s been awesome.

We learned about Nate and Krystal’s children and grandchildren. They also shared the places they have lived during their lives. It was nice to hear about their life.

We probably signed and stuffed 27 or so cards.

Happy Holidays to everyone. We missed those who couldn’t be with us and wish good health to those not feeling well or on the road to recovery.

See you next year!

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