All About Duke Gardens

Today we took a field trip to Sarah Duke Gardens in Durham. It was opened when Dr. Hanes asked for money to have a garden and the Dukes gave 20,000 dollars in the late 1930s.

It is 55 acres and it is a garden only, there was never a house there for Duke family to live in.

The sundial was given to the garden in memory of Sarah Duke Biddle Siemens by her family. There were so so many plants and trees, and a Japanese garden with plants grown from seeds and other plants. There was some wisteria planted in 1939 and it still here today. Because it is October there was not a lot of color but the reds and oranges and purples were very pretty. The gardens had a fountain that was in a building for a long time and was given to them when someone found it and did not know what to do with it and the garden said Yes, we want it and you can see it when you walk into the entrance. The tour was over an hour and the weather was really good and did not rain. Sylvia, Mark, Jennifer and her daughter, Rachelle and Krystal were there and Jerry. He knows a lot. Our guide was a math professor in Vermont and is moving here. She told us how the Duke famiy donated 40 million dollars to Trinity College and they changed the name to Duke University.


Fountain that was donated

Duke info center