TAProots Takes the Show on the Road!


Members: Marc and Barb, Rachel, lots of TAP clients, caregivers, speech pathologists and therapists

Leaders: Cheryl, Laura, Jen, Jerry, Rebecca

Location: TAP Home Office in Cary


1. Hands-On Activity: Create a Succulent Garden.

Can you say “VERY SUCCESSFUL???!” Holy cow! The TAP clients seemed to have a great time getting their hands dirty, and the TAProots group did a great job moving so many people through the planting process. It was so good to see TAP clients and participants that we don’t get to see often, and there was much catching up, chatting, and laughing.

We also got to hear some great news from Maura first hand: last night (Tuesday, September 25), Maura made a pitch to 100 Women Who Give a Hoot, an organization who helps local non-profits…and WON!!! Over TEN. THOUSAND. DOLLARS to TAP. CONGRATULATIONS!

We met Cheryl, Rieppe’s friend, who immediately jumped in and got her hands dirty…literally. We are looking forward to getting her expertise and experience as we move forward. Welcome, Cheryl!

In addition to the activity with TAP clients, we attracted a lot of attention from adjacent businesses who wanted to learn more and MAKE DONATIONS.

We also met a very nice lady who has made it her mission and goal to raise $10,000 for TAP in honor of her upcoming 50th birthday! (Is there something in the water? Seriously!) Unfortunately, I can’t remember her name. She took pictures and interviewed several TAP and TAProots members for a FaceBook Live Feed. So far, I don’t have any links, but will pass them along as soon as I do.


2. Duke Garden Trolley Tour.

Everyone seems enthusiastic about our upcoming adventure on October 10th. We currently have up to 5 spaces still available. Maura and Amy, how can we get the word to other TAP clients?


3. Suburban Living Holly Springs Magazine

Stacy Kivett from Suburban Living Holly Springs magazine replied back to our invitation to feature TAProots and HSFC. She plans on attending our next meeting to see us in action. It couldn’t work out any better, for that’s one of the days Rieppe can be with us.


4. Bon Voyage, Laura!

Laura is excited to start her month-long adventure (and hopefully get a little R&R) in San Francisco and other parts unknown. Have a GREAT time, get rest, and SEND US PICTURES! We will miss you! She will return, jet-lagged but enthusiastic, October 31.


5. On the Next Episode of TAProots…

Next week, (10/3/18) we’re back at HSFC. In addition to being media darlings, we will also be processing and packing seeds and hopefully seeding some winter veggies. Jen will bring the seed packets and check in with Jerry to see if there’s any other supplies we might need.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back at the HSFC next week! Have a good one!


More photos from the Event at the TAP office...