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Taking Care of Business

Some Serious Discussions Going On!

Attendees: Laura, Jen, Leaders and Group Members Marc and Barb

Location: Holly Springs Food Cupboard Garden


  1. Caught up on Hurricane News

  2. Went over the tentative schedule for the fall. Marc and Barb seemed excited to go to Duke Gardens and to Taylor’s for an Appreciation Day. Jen to call and follow up scheduling these. Laura will contact TAP to see how many people might be interested in going to Duke Gardens Trolley Tour.

  3. Planned for next week’s Hands-On Activity (9/26) at TAP Office in Cary. Divvied up supplies to get everything there on time. Laura and Jen to meet at 9:45 for set-up, TAPRoots clients can meet at 10:15 if they choose to get themselves situated. We’ll be open for planting business from 10:30-12:00.

  4. We talked about ways we could grow TAPRoots’ Membership. Mark suggested local assisted living and rehab centers. We will reach out to them and talk about doing a hands-on activity or if they have buses that could bring patients to HSFC.

  5. Jen to call Suburban Living to see when they might want to send out a reporter/photographer to do a story on TAPRoots to help generate interest and plug the plant sale in May.

  6. See you at the TAP Office in Cary next week!

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