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Fresh Air, Laughs and Birds!

Blogger Jerry on 3/28/18 Group

Good weather. Had plenty of laughs while getting our hands into the soil and listening to the hawks above.

Talked .....


-Potted up 25 squash

-Started peanuts

-Divided chives

Talked ( even got Sylvia to talk; they all got to meet and introduce themselves to the Food Cupboard Manger)

-Planted 5 flats of sweet banana pepper

Talked more

Top To Do Items in 2 weeks!

1. Plant cucumber, tomato, green bean, and squash into their raised bed

2. Start 3 buckets for the post: Marc suggested rosemary, thyme, basil.

3. repot up many tomatoes! And anything else ready for bigger pot

Group committed to also develop flowers planters for June TAP sale( Marc was luke-warm) also some 6-packs of flowers? Jen to research. Nasturtium, zinnia, marigold??

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