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 Communication Tips for Zoom TAPRoots Meetings:

PWA = Person (or people) With Aphasia


  1. Engage all of the PWA

  2. Focus your comments and responses to the PWA

  3. Silence is good

  4. Slow pace is good

  5. One question at a time

  6. No steadfast agenda, go where the conversation takes us


  1. Share your communication goal

  2. Share what supports help you

  3. Know your fellow group member’s goals

  4. Hold each other accountable (thumbs-up 👍 or thumbs-down 👎 )

  5. Don’t let somebody misunderstand you

  6. Celebrate all successful communication

What to have at the start of each group:     

* paper    * black marker    * personal communication aids     * anything you want to share with the group

What's Happening: 7/8/20

1) NEWS:

* TAP Weekly Newsletter 

* TAPRoots Group Members Updates 

           ** include what your communication goal is for today **

Stephanie is needing to take a leave from the group for personal reasons.  Stephanie and Lynn C. will be back with us as soon as they can.

2) SCATTERGORIES:  with 2 categories (best played with 4+ TAP clients) 

          category ideas: Flower, Vegetable, Color in Garden, Garden Tool






* Update on TAPRoots' Finances

     We currently have $2,369.06


1) Money from Plant Sale into EMG TAPRoots account


2) Money remaining from previous plant sales to go from HSFC to EMG


3) 2020 Donations to HSFC and TAP

     *$170.00 to HSFC (10% of 2020 sale)

an email sending Thank-you Letter the following personal note was included

On a personal note: I purchased some plants at the sale and am happy to report that they are thriving! My family enjoyed some basil (from a plant purchased at the sale) in our spaghetti last week, and the marigolds are brightening my backyard patio. I can’t help but smile when I see the cheery flowers in my yard. The plant pickup was so smooth. Thank you for your support of the Food Cupboard.

     *$170.00 to TAP (10% of 2020 sale)

4) Expenses so far for 2021 Growing Season


          100 heavy duty re-usable trays,

          900, 3 inch pots,

          1000 plant labels,

          7 colors, 1000 each, stickers for plant labels

          1000 business cards

          50 Note Cards/Thank-you Cards

          1 year Website

* Holly Springs Food Cupboard Monthly Newsletter 

Keep up with what our phenomenal partner is doing to serve the community!

1) Click the link below, 

2) scroll to bottom of page to the section "Sign up for our Monthly e-Newsletter",

3) enter email and

4) click green "sign up" button 

5) VIDEO VIEWING: we will watch this together on the Zoom call (feel free to watch it before group and write a review to use during the discussion...there is a form below in "Review and Discussion" section)

* Video:

     Interactive Video Tool

About the Tool

PRATT was developed for NC State University students in Home Horticulture courses 


  • Interactive and exploratory plant model

  • Plant process descriptions and visualizations

  • 14 animations that guide you through the plant

  • Process views at different times of day

What You Can Do

  • Explore the five main processes of the plant

  • See how the processes change at different times of day

  • Follow water molecules in their adventures through the plant 


* Review and Discussion:



* Discussion Activity: Planting Our Intentions for Wellness -ROOTS 

* On-line/Virtual Activities: Activities we all do together live on our Zoom call

               * Discuss possibility of things for each of us to try at home and report back to the group?

       ?? On-line Tomato Tasting Next Week?? (7/15/20)

* Independent Home Activities: Activities that are introduced during group that you can do at home

 Update on Rachel and Krystal's progress with labeling plant tags.

* Have you gotten any done?

         * How many?

         * How has it gone?

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