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What to have at the start of each group: 


* paper    * black marker    * personal communication aids     * anything you want to share with the group

What's Happening: 3/10/21

We try really hard to have this page completed by the end of the day on Monday before we meet on Wednesday.  Sometimes we need to add things Tuesday or Wednesday.


 * TAPRoots Group Members Updates 

           ** include what your communication goal is for today **

* TAP Weekly Newsletter


1. Rachel and Peter will be talking with us about grow light systems (light, cart, shelf, heat mats,.....).  We would like to consider purchasing these for future growing seasons to be used at group members homes. 


2.Updates on Seed Starts

Cool Season 

Warm Season

3. Live demonstration of propagating rosemary cuttings by Rieppe


What would you like to do or talk about?


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