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What to have at the start of each group: 


* paper    * black marker    * personal communication aids     * anything you want to share with the group

What's Happening: 11/11/20

We try really hard to have this page completed by the end of the day on Monday before we meet on Wednesday.  Sometimes we need to add things Tuesday or Wednesday.


 * TAPRoots Group Members Updates 

           ** include what your communication goal is for today **



* TAP Weekly Newsletter


* Lynn

There was trouble getting photos Lynn shared to load on this page.  If Lynn is with us to talk about them, they will be shown live during our group.


Follow-up on last group questions about fall vegetables...look at 7/29/20 page for some info Jerry went over with us:)

* Discussion Activity

1) We will be talking about gardens called out in the book Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime
by Kenneth Helphand.  We will talk about the profound meanings contained in the experience of gardens especially when they have been created under conditions of adversity.  There were impromptu gardens built by soldiers behind the trenches in WWI on both sides of the Western Front!  The people-plant connection can be such a life changer and soldiers desire and creativity in making these happen is absolutely amazing!  We will talk about how living with the challenges of Aphasia and how tending to plants can also bring about profound meaning and hope for the future as we fight our own battles in life. 

8 Minute Audio Recording about Defiant Gardeners During Wartimes





2)  Planting Our Intentions for Wellness -ROOTS

Screenshot 2020-11-11 124811.png

Click here to get a transcript to read along with the audio


Looking for Blog Writers!

This website began with 2 missions. 

1) share info about when and where our weekly group was happening and

2) for TAP clients to have a voice and way of sharing their insights, knowledge, observations of what our garden group does.  A true form of life participation....individuals with aphasia creating the blog entries through written word, audio recordings, drawings, photos, any all and all ways of communication encouraged! 

We have gotten away from that mission and we are looking to revive that.  Please consider taking on the title of Chief Blogger for our website!  If you need it a group leader will be your support person in assisting you in communicating your desired entries and will facilitate the entries being posted on the website.  We can decide on how frequently you would like to post, it will be yours to develop and lead. You will be letting others know about the wonderful world of the people-plant connection!


1) Top 6 Struggles of Growing Herbs Indoors (w/ solutions)!!!🌿🌿🌿 // Garden Answer 

2) 9 Herbs You Can Grow In Water Over And Over Again For Endless Supply 


3) How to Prune Basil


What would you like to do or talk about?

Using the Styrofoam coolers some of us get medicines delivered in as planters?


SCATTERGORIES:  with 2 categories (best played with 4+ TAP clients) 

          category ideas: Flower, Vegetable, Color in Garden, Garden Tool

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