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How We Raise Money to Support Our Work

2020 Annual Spring Plant Sale 

Typically in Spring, on the first Saturday in May, we hold a plant sale.  The pandemic necessitated us changing things up this year.  We had to postpone the sale date until 5/23 and we only took online orders with drive-thru pickups. We had brief  "masked" face-to-face time with our patrons and supporters! We love each of you and appreciate your willingness to help us social distance and your continued support of our plant sale fundraiser.

This sale is how we fund all of our work at the Holly Springs Food Cupboard Garden.  We usually sell plants, seeds, and garden related items.  Our group propagates the plants we sell at the sale.  Throughout the year we start seeds, divide plants and take cuttings. The seeds we sell are seeds we have collected ourselves. 

Our offerings were a bit scaled back for the sale because our group was unable to meet as frequently as normal.  We started our seeds for the plants early, but were unable to continue propagation due to the stay-at-home order.  After we made the decision to move forward with the online sale, a frenzy of activity began.  Potting, dividing and learning how to create an online platform started to take shape.  This was both exciting and terrifying.  We are so grateful to our supporters; TAP Unlimited, the Holly Springs Food Cupboard, and the Holly Springs Garden Club for getting the word out about the TAProots Plant Sale.  We are also grateful to all our online shoppers who placed their orders and followed the detailed directions to pickup their orders.  We were happy to see so many of you on the day of the pickup!

Given the pandemic, the online learning curve and the weather prior to the sale, we are very happy with the success of the sale!  We were able to provide donations to our support agencies and are left with funds to continue our work providing veggie starts in the Holly Springs Food Cupboard Garden.

Who knows what next year's plant sale will bring.  We know we will be ready!

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