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 Communication Tips for Zoom TAPRoots Meetings:

PWA = Person (or people) With Aphasia


  1. Engage all of the PWA

  2. Focus your comments and responses to the PWA

  3. Silence is good

  4. Slow pace is good

  5. One question at a time

  6. No steadfast agenda, go where the conversation takes us


  1. Share your communication goal

  2. Share what supports help you

  3. Know your fellow group member’s goals

  4. Hold each other accountable (thumbs-up 👍 or thumbs-down 👎 )

  5. Don’t let somebody misunderstand you

  6. Celebrate all successful communication

What to have at the start of each group:     

* paper    * black marker    * personal communication aids     * anything you want to share with the group

What's Happening: 6/17/20

1) NEWS:

* TAP Weekly Newsletter

* TAPRoots Group Members Updates 

            include what your communication goal is for today

2) SCATTERGORIES:  with 2 categories 

          category ideas: Flower, Vegetable, Color in Garden, Garden Tool


* Instagram

Do you have an Instagram account?  Follow us!


* Group Calling Card

These have been mailed or distributed to some of our members, with more distribution to come.

For those who have them, pass them out to everybody you meet and tell them about Aphasia (JUNE IS NATIONAL APHASIA AWARENESS MONTH) and what our group does!

5) VIDEO VIEWING: we will watch this together on the Zoom call (feel free to watch it before group and write a review to use during the discussion...there is a form below in "Review and Discussion" section)

* Video:

     * Video for this week

Tomato Problems: Fix Issues Affecting Your Tomatoes (GrowVeg)

    * The last video we watched and reviewed: How to Prune Tomatoes for Maximum Yield and Plant Health (Epic Gardener)

            vocabulary: determinantindeterminate, sun leaf, main leader, sucker, totipotency 

* Review and Discussion:



* Discussion Activity: 

* Possible field trips for future: Public Gardens in NC

* On-line/Virtual Activities: Activities we all do together live on our Zoom call

(things likely needed to do these collected before group, possible support person during activity, possible prep before group)

            ideas: tomato tasting, self-watering soda bottle, worm bin,

            *This weeks activity: (if this is blank we don't have one yet)

                  link for supply list...

                  link for written/pictures of instructions...

                  link for a video of the activity (feel free to watch before this weeks group to become familiar with it)...


* Independent Home Activities: Activities that are introduced during group that you can do at home

             ideas: Plant Tags, 

      *Activity to introduce this week: (if this is blank we don't have one yet....)

      *This was the last activity we talked about: Writing our Website Address on Next Years Plant Tags;

        click here to watch a video on the activity


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