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Thoughts and Happenings from the Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited Garden Group

We are clients and volunteers with the Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited.  We started this Life Participation Group out of a love and interest in gardening.  We refuse to let aphasia keep us from our hobbies and passions!  We invite all TAP clients to join our group for our weekly meetings or join us whenever you can!

"Triangle Aphasia project helps clients feed others in need."
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"A special group of volunteer gardeners now help to feed others in the Holly Springs community. The volunteers also have a great need of their own, to feel useful. They refuse to let a brain injury condition called Aphasia to define them."

TAPRoots Updates


How We Raise Money to Support Our Work

2022 Plant Sale

Saturday, May 7

Holly Springs Food Cupboard

Each Spring, on the first Saturday in May, we hold a plant sale. The plants we sell are all things our group has propagated. Throughout the year we start seeds, divide plants, and take cuttings.


TAPRoots Silent Auction Items at TAP’s Signature Event

Triangle Aphasia Project’s Annual Signature Event will be in person on June 23rd. TAPRoots is proud to contribute potted plant collections to the wide array of silent auction items available at the event. Please check back closer to June to see updates on what we are creating.


Bucket Brigade

Outreach to Our Community

buck·et bri·gade
a line of people who pass buckets of water from one to another to put out a fire
a line of people who pass buckets of plants from one to another to ignite a passion for growing

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Read About What We are Doing ~ posts written by TAPRoots members


Hoeman, Our Garden Guru

Garden and Garden Related Tips and Humor From Hoeman


TAPRoots Partners and Supporters

Take a Look at All the Organizations Which Provide Support to the Operation of our Group


We love to share information about this awesome group!  Let us know if you have any questions or comments for us!


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