About TAProots

Next Meeting: April 26th at Holly Springs Food Cupboard & Community Garden, 10:30am - 12:00pm

601 W. Holly Springs Road, Holly Springs, NC 27540

TAProots is a small group of clients affiliated with the Triangle Aphasia
who meet regularly to garden, craft and fellowship together with a combined purpose to share their enjoyment of gardening and the outdoors.
Although the group has a focus on gardening and garden projects, no prior hands-on garden experience is needed.

The group spends time learning from each other, patiently working to communicate in a safe and caring environment while doing
fun and useful projects to use at home or provide to the community. The group routinely plants the seeds that start the vegetables in the garden at the Holly Springs Community Garden. They also collect seeds for future plantings in the garden. This past year they organized and conducted a plant sale to benefit the Holly Springs Food Cupboard!

Part of the process is learning to propagate plants for the home garden and clients are encouraged to take plants home if they wish. The group also uses the herbs and plants from the garden to create tastings or to take home and eat!

Join us. We welcome new members!

Contact: rieppeh1@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Planning and Potting

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017  Just the "Chiefs"

Rieppe, Laura and Jerry met in the garden to discuss plans for planting, seed sowing and what to plant for the TAProots Plant Sale.  Jerry provided guidance, since he will be going out of town for 5 weeks.  Rieppe made notes, so TAProots can remain on schedule for the Plant Sale and for the garden plantings.

Jerry, Rieppe and Laura sowed seeds for the Plant Sale and for the garden.  We used new seed pots and plant flats that were donated by Campbell Road Nursery.  Now our Plant Sale plants will look uniform and professional at the sale!  Thanks for the donation, Campbell Road Nursery!

While we were working, Daniel's Supply brought a truckload of compost to the garden to be used in the beds and pots.  Thanks for the donation, Daniels!  That stuff is garden gold!

We missed all the TAProots garden members!  We are ready to see everyone back in the garden again. The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Rieppe's garage, due to the weather forecast.

Other News:

Marc, Rieppe and Jerry made a presentation at the Holly Springs Garden Club about the TAProots Garden Group on Wednesday, April 12th at their regular evening meeting.  Jerry created a Powerpoint Presentation, Rieppe did a brief introduction and Marc did an impromptu talk about the garden group, it's mission and what the group does.  The presentation was well received and everyone was upbeat and did a super job.  Well done!

They should take their show on the road!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Meeting of "One" Again!

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

The weather is finally warming up and the box stores are in final preps to lure us in to buy more gardening supplies. So here we are already sowing seeds and transplanting.

In the garden you can see broccoli, carrots, onions, radish, spinach, strawberry, and hills of potatoes.

On our new growing racks you will find flats of all kinds of veggies. This includes our Wednesday effort of sowing summer/ winter squash both green zucs, yellow crooknecks, and butternut. We re-potted tomatoes and soon they will be hitting the ground. There is so much going on I'm sure I missed mentioning a lot.

So here's your home tip: We've all heard people say "I don't have a green thumb" or "If I touch a plant it dies" and others say "but I live in an apartment". Well fear not and start small. The most popular starting point is the tomato and a lot of people start with a container garden. This an easy way to start just get it in your routine, like brush your teeth then water the plant.  You will want a pot that is at least 12" in diameter and the same or taller in height don't forget the base. For your first attempt I would spend the money for miracle grow potting soil. Find a few handfuls of gravel or stones and put them in the pot. This is for drainage. Add the soil the plant that you purchased at our pant sale, and water until the base has some water. Now set the plant in full sun if you have it. OK start your routine (Water Regularly) and you should get tomatoes.   When you come to buy your plant, please talk to us - you may get a useful tip.

TAProots Garden Group Plant Sale - Saturday, May 13th, 9am  Veggies, Flowers and Herbs!Holly Springs Food Cupboard, 621 W. Holly Springs Road, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Rain date - 5/20

See you in the garden.    Blog entry by Marc Sipes  

Monday, April 3, 2017

Another "Unofficial Meeting"

Unofficial, But Quite Productive!

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Rieppe, Jerry, Laura and Rachel met at the Garden to enjoy some homemade banana bread made by Laura's husband, Steve.

We discussed the seeds we needed to start for the garden and for the TAProots Plant Sale and made a list.

Then we got to work putting seeds in six packs and four packs.  We planted seeds for tomatoes, kale and basil.

Reippe brought some of the seedlings we had already planted that she was fostering in her garage.  We placed them in the new plant racks in the garden.

We are so happy with the new plant racks!

We are ready for all our TAProots friends to come back to the garden.  We miss you.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Just Girls Getting Together - "Unofficial Meeting"

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Several of our members were unable to attend this week's meeting due to health or travel.  We missed you and hope that everyone is on the road to recovery and has had safe journeys.  Since only Rachel was able to attend, we had an "unofficial get together" at the garden.  We did a little maintenance and just enjoyed each other's company.

Rieppe's Report on the Orlando Presentation - We were anxious to hear how Rieppe's trip to the conference in Orlando went and how she did with her presentation.  She reported that things went well!  Good job Rieppe!

Rieppe brought our the original plants we sowed - cabbage and broccoli.  They were getting big.  We left them in the greenhouse for Jerry to plant on Saturday.  Hopefully they got into the garden.  We also tried out the new plant racks.  We think they'll be perfect.

Rieppe had us working hard on potting up lots of Lamb's Ear plants for the plant sale.  She also has other flowering plants for the plant sale.  It'll be nice to have a variety of plants at the plant sale.

We weeded and worked in the raised bed.  It is now a lovely bed full of strawberry plants in full bloom.  Maybe we'll have some strawberries to snack on soon!

Again,  hope to have everyone in the TAProots group back with us soon!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Pepper Plants and Rieppe's Presentation

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

We were all excited to see Rieppe's power point presentation that she had prepared for the presentation she was giving in Orlando, Fla. on Saturday.  She had done a nice job organizing the information and we provided some feedback after she talked through the slides.  Hope the presentation went well!

We planted three varieties of peppers for the plant sale and for the community garden.  We decided that peppers can be planted under the arbor in the community garden in the shade. We think the clients will really like the varieties we selected.

We looked at all the seeds we have already started, because we met in Rieppe's garage and she's been keeping them alive and watered.  They are really thriving!

Thanks for your TLC Rieppe!  Spring will be here soon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Plant Sale and Plant Stakes

Wednesday, March 8th 2017
Preparing for the Plant Sale and Making Plant Stakes

We began by talking about the upcoming plant sale.  We looked at the big sign we used last year and made suggestions about other road signs we could make and use.

Last Year's Sign

We looked at the plants we had planted from seed that Rieppe took home to nurture.  We also talked about the seeds we had packaged up and whether we would sell them at the plant sale or not.

Jerry inspecting the cabbage and broccoli plants

Discussing our plant sale plans

Rachel with our list of plants

We made a list of plants that are going to be planted in the garden, then we made plant markers out of paint stir sticks (donated by Sherwin Williams, thanks!).

Rieppe telling us which plant labels to make

Sylvia writing on a plant marker
A little help...
Some of the completed plant markers

Krystal creating a plant marker
Everyone pitches in at Taproots...