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Our next meeting will be in late summer to taste tomatoes. Watch here for updates!

Holly Springs Food Cupboard Community Garden

621 West Holly Springs Road

Holly Springs, NC 27540

TAProots is a small group of clients affiliated with the Triangle Aphasia Project who meet regularly to sow seeds, garden, create garden crafts and fellowship together with a combined purpose to share their enjoyment of gardening and the outdoors. Although the group has a focus on gardening and garden projects, no prior hands-on gardening experience is needed.

The group spends time learning from each other, patiently working to communicate in a safe and caring environment while doing
fun and useful projects to use at home or provide to the community. The group routinely plants the seeds that start the vegetables in the community garden at the Holly Springs Food Cupboard. They also collect seeds for future plantings in the garden. Each year they organize and conduct a plant sale to support their efforts and to work toward their goal of their group's financial self-sufficiency!

Hands-on opportunities include learning to propagate plants for the Community Garden and the plant sale as well as the home garden and clients are encouraged to take plants home if they wish. The group also uses the herbs and plants from the community garden to create tastings or to take home for culinary purposes!

Join us. We welcome new members!

Contact: rieppeh1@gmail.com

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dates to Note This Month

Did you Know?

January 19th is National Popcorn Day

January 23rd is National Pie Day

Did you need a reason?


Happy New Year 2018

January 11, 2018

BURR it's most definitely been too cold. So I've been dreaming of warmer days in the garden. For now its time to check and clean my gardening tools. You may find that some of them need to be hit with a file or the handles are loose. Maybe you find that your gloves need patching. Well now is the time to get after them.

Now that you feel better with one chore done, you can turn your attention to the garden. Start with a sketch, placing veggies in a different locations from last year. Keep in mind companion planting, sun, shade ect. When you have your plan its time to get out your seeds and determine what is still viable, making a list of what to buy. Do not forget the flowers.

Till later,


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Colorful Containers for the Cupboard

October 25, 2017

An Unofficial Meeting Between Friends

Our group got together today at the Holly Springs Community Garden,  after a long hiatus, just to catch up, have a little chat and to create some colorful containers for the Food Cupboard's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to dedicate the new addition next week.

It was great to see everyone, to check in and to find out how everyone's summer has been.  Jerry was interested to hear about successes in home gardens and he gave us an update on the community garden.  We had a snack and set to work on the containers.

We planted three large showy planters and stuffed them full of mums, Saint Johns Wort and Verbena.  Then we filled in with lots of pansies.  We also filled lots of other pots with colorful pansies.

It was a beautiful morning to be in the garden.  The only thing missing was Rieppe.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hoeman Gets Ready for the fall Garden

September 18, 2017

It's a great time in the garden! Most of your crops are in and maybe you still have tomatoes, peppers, and greens. Now is the time to clear out the other areas for fall/ winter crops. You can use leftover seed or get new. You will want to plant your seed a little deeper than you did in spring. There are two types of crops; (1) are the ones you want to harvest before frost and (2) are the ones you can leave through winter or harvest in the winter when you want something fresh. My favorites for #1 are: beets, broccoli, and carrots. You can also grow: cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, lettuce, radish, and spinach. My favorites for #2 are: beets, brussel sprouts, leeks, rutabaga, and turnip. You can also grow: cabbage, collards, kale, lettuce, mustard, onion, and Swiss chard. In both #1 and #2 I have grown my favorites with success in NY and now I'll try them here. If you know what works for you please let me know!

If you don't want to grow vegetables this fall/ winter stay tuned for the next issue, when we explore Fall garden clean-up, plus green manure ideas.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Hoeman: on taking control of pests and weeds

This time we will mention two more means of controlling your property

First is another means of controlling garden pests. Other than the ladybug you can try praying mantis. You only need a few and if you place them at opposite ends of the garden,  they will scour it clean. When they don't have enough pest to eat they will eat each other.

Secondly is for those that have a constant problem with brush and weeds growing all over the place. You can get a brush hog or see if someone in your area has goats. Now some say that goats eat everything in sight, which is a myth. If you look at India they use goats to eat garbage in their dumps. If you enlist the assistance of local goat farmer, your farmer will put temporary fencing up and in a couple of days you are back incontrol. By the way, they will even eat poison ivy.

What's the difference between a unicorn and a head of lettuce.

The unicorn is a fun beast.

And lettuce is a bunny feast.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hoeman Tips "on the Blog"

Pesky Garden Pests

Today we are going to discuss two garden pests.

The first pest is Aphids. You can cover your plants when they are small. You can use some different soap-type sprays or insecticides. But these methods are time takers, so my favorites are; first, spraying water throughout your plants every couple days. This also gets them watered. Secondly, is the ladybug. You want to plant marigolds and dill throughout your garden to draw them. If you don't attract them, you can purchase or mail order them. Here is the draw back. If you buy too many, they will go elsewhere. I've also seen pictures of homes infested with them, so only buy a small amount.

The second garden pest is Crows. We just lost our crop of watermelon to them. It made us mad and cry at the same time. Next year we are going to make cages for each melon. I'll start with a rectangular frame and cover it with chicken wire. Then as each melon grows we'll put a cage over it and stake it down. I know my mom used to put a scare crow in the garden and string up aluminum pie plates, but I don't think they were effective.

If you have something that works, please let me know.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Award Winning TAProots Garden Group Member

Friday Night. June 22, 2017

TAP Signature Event - Big News

Krystal Jackson was recognized for exemplifying the tenets of TAP!

For her determination, her spirit and her "can do" attitude, Krystal shines as the epitome of someone who perseveres to move forward in her life.  We celebrate this recognition with her!

Congratulations Krystal!

Laura, Rieppe, Rachel and Hope attended the Signature Event and were able to share in the joy of this award with Krystal and Nate.  So fun!

The little cutie in the middle is Zola, Nate and Krysal's granddaughter!